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Skin care tips for winter

Winter is no fun for your skin. If you are a resident of those parts of the world which has long winter months, you can relate to this. The freezing temperatures can have negative effects on your skin. It gets flaky, dry and even cracks. This makes it itchy and painful too. You can even find your skin to bleed.

The heat of the indoor air steals away the moisture in the air, and the hot baths make your skin drier. Using moisturizing cream helps to some extent, but one needs to put in more efforts for keeping the smoothness and youthful appearance of your skin for reducing the redness, itching, chapping and maintaining the health of the skin in winter, you can follow the tips mentioned below in this article:

1) Wash your face with Luke warm water

Hot baths and showers make you feel good during the winter month. Select lukewarm water for avoiding the stripping away the dirt and oil that can clog the pores in your skin in winter.

2) Immediate moisturisation is necessary

You skin definitely needs moisture. Moreover, you need to take care of this right after you take a bath or a wash. You can keep moisturizer in a bottle near your shower and bathtub, and at each sink. This will remind you of moisturizing your hands and skin after washing them.How to get glowing skin naturally?

3) Protect your skin

Use scarves and gloves for protecting your skin and face from the harsh cold winds, snow and rain. You must not forget using the sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Sun rays in winter are equally damaging as the sun in summer. Hence, you need to apply a good sunscreen lotion of SPF 40 or higher to keep your skin protected even if you are out all day.

4) Drink water

Skin care in winter can never be complete by hydrating your skin. Sipping tea of coffee a lot during the winter months can result in dehydration of your skin. You would start noticing your skin to feel dull and darker. You can have healthy skin in all seasons when you nurture your skin from inside. You can continue sipping lukewarm water with few drops of lemon in it. This will provide you all the hydration and refreshment that your body and your skin needs in winter.

5) Exfoliate

With our busy schedule wreaking havoc on our mind, soul, and body, we tend to keep minute things that can help us have glowing skin. One of those simple things is exfoliation. Scrubbing the skin twice every week is going to remove all the dead cells and impurities that get collected on your skin over the time.

You can get an exfoliator or exfoliating masks to apply on your hands and face. You convene exfoliate your lips which tend to get dry in the winter months. You need to remember moisturizing your skin and lips after having a proper exfoliating session. Choosing body scrubs is also one of the best ways to take care of your skin in the winter months.

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5 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips That You Need To Know | Best Skin beauty Tips
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Winter is harsh to our skin and we need to take care during this season. Check out 5 essential winter skin care tips that everyone must know at Reward Me.winter skin care tips USA and UK, skin care in winter, Tips for skin care during winter.

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